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3 months (November 27th - March 2nd)

My Role:

UX Designer


Product Manager, Designer, Copy Writer, Developer


Figma, Adobe Creative Suites, Notion

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Mobile 2.png
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Project Goals

Verlas is an e-commerce company specializing in diamond jewelry, dedicated to enhancing the online luxury jewelry shopping experience by bringing the best aspects directly to customers' homes, eliminating the hassle typically associated with such purchases. Currently, Verlas is experiencing issues with low revenue.📉 As a UX designer, my role involves identifying the underlying problems contributing to this issue and proposing design solutions informed by research and analysis to boost sales. 📈

Users feedback about Verlas

To align with the project goals, I conducted user interviews with Verlas' potential customers. This research method aimed to understand the pain points users face when choosing Verlas as their diamond jewelry shopping option and making purchases on the Verlas website. I synthesized the interview insights into the following affinity map:

Affinity map 1_edited.png
Affinity map 2_edited.png

Pain Point 1 - Product Education

Pain Point 2 - Trust & Credibility

When visiting Verlas' website, users find that product descriptions lack transparency about how the diamond jewelry aligns with their personal preferences.

When visiting Verlas' website, users lack sufficient information about the company's history, expertise, and commitment to quality diamond jewelry.

Pain Point 3 - Search Engine Optimization

Pain Point 4 - Price & Style

When searching for diamond jewelry online, users struggle to find relevant content that directs them to Verlas' website.

When browsing Verlas' products, users lack clarity on how the materials and designs justify the pricing.

Problem Statements


How might we enhance our SEO presence?



How might we build trust and credibility with customers?


How might we educate customers to understand our products better?
How might we make jewelry styles match customers’ personal preferences?

Competitive Analysis

Having identified the problems to address, I conducted a competitive analysis between MEJURI, VRAI, and Grown Brilliance to explore potential solutions and improvements for Verlas' website. The following insights emerged from the competitive analysis:

Competitive analysis.png

My Solution

1. Redesign the Product Description Page

Compelling product descriptions can effectively communicate the unique features, quality, and value proposition of the diamond jewelry, persuading potential customers to make a purchase. Clear and detailed descriptions help customers understand the product they're considering, reducing uncertainty and hesitation during the buying process.


Approved by stakeholder

3. Create Verlas Blog Page

A regularly updated blog with high-quality content can help improve the website's search engine rankings. By strategically targeting relevant keywords related to diamond jewelry, the blog can attract organic traffic from search engines, thus increasing the visibility and discoverability of Verlas' website.


Approved by stakeholder

2. Redesign Verlas About Page

The About page can serve as a platform to educate customers about the craftsmanship, quality standards, and symbolism associated with diamond jewelry. By providing insights into Verlas' history, expertise, and commitment to quality, the About page helps build trust and credibility with potential buyers.


Approved by stakeholder

4. Provide style customization for Verlas products

Providing style customization options can eliminate customers' concerns about Verlas' products not aligning with their personal preferences. This feature could become a unique selling point for Verlas. Customers may choose Verlas over other online diamond jewelry retailers due to the ability to customize and personalize their purchases.


Denied by stakeholder

Providing style customization for all Verlas' products would significantly increase labor and material costs. Therefore, this solution will be considered for future development efforts.

UI Design

Solution 1 - Redesign the Product Description Page
verlas original 1-1.png
  1. The product page displays only one picture and customization option at a time, lacking a comprehensive view.

  2. After completing the customization options, there is no summary or recap of the product details.

  3. No size guide is provided for accurate ring sizing

  4. The "Add To Cart" and "Buy as Gift" call-to-action buttons share the same functionality for making a purchase, causing potential confusion.

  1. Implement a three-column layout displaying Product Descriptions, Product Pictures, and Product Customization. The content will update dynamically as customers customize the product.

  2. Provide a Size Guide to assist customers who are unsure of their ring size.

  3. Change the call-to-action button "Buy as Gift" to "Contact Verlas." If customers have questions about a product, this will direct them to customer service.

rings 1.png
verlas original 1-2.png

​There is a lack of educational resources to guide customers on how to select diamonds effectively.

  1. Incorporate a blog section to educate customers on diamonds and provide guidance on selecting rings effectively.

  2. Highlight the versatility and compatibility of the diamond jewelry with other items, enabling Verlas to capitalize on cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

rings 2.png
Solution 2 - Redesign Verlas About Page
verlas og 1.png

Insufficient information about Verlas' history, expertise, and commitment to quality diamond jewelry.


Incorporate stories about the founder and Verlas' value, adding a human touch that fosters a sense of authenticity and relatability, strengthening the connection between Verlas and its customers.

verlas 2.1.png
verlas og 2.png

​There is a lack of detailed information highlighting Verlas' unique aspects, such as its dedication to ethically sourced diamonds, sustainable practices, or exclusive designs.

  1. Provide informative content about diamond sources, certification processes, and Verlas' craftsmen to enhance the perceived value of the products and position the brand as a trusted authority in the industry.

  2. Highlight how Verlas treats its customers, building trust and alleviating concerns about making purchases on the company's website.

Solution 3 - Create Verlas Blog Page
blog 1.png

Maintaining a regularly updated blog with high-quality content can improve the website's search engine rankings. By strategically targeting relevant keywords related to diamond buying guides, care tips, jewelry design trends, and educational content about diamonds, the blog can attract organic traffic from search engines, increasing the visibility and discoverability of the e-commerce website.

Showcase complementary items on product pages, encouraging customers to explore additional products and potentially increasing their order value through cross-selling and upselling.

blog 2.png

Result & Reflection

The redesigned website effectively addressed the following project goals:

1. Improve SEO

2. Increase the conversion rate:

  1. On the redesigned About Page, I incorporated relevant keywords and phrases related to diamond jewelry, such as diamond sourcing, craftsmanship, and RJC Certification, to help improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO).

  2. Product descriptions were optimized with relevant keywords like diamond shape, carat weight, and diamond setting types, enhancing Verlas' visibility in search engine results.

  3. The new blog content resulted in a 12% increase in organic website traffic.

  1. The redesigned product description page effectively communicates the unique features, quality, and value proposition of the diamond jewelry, persuading potential customers to make a purchase. Transparent and honest product descriptions build trust with customers by providing accurate information about diamond jewelry. When customers feel confident in the accuracy and reliability of the product information, they are more likely to trust the brand and proceed with their purchase.

  2. Showcasing related diamond jewelry items on the product description page motivated customers to discover additional products, resulting in a 3% increase in gross sales.

My reflection:

1. Synthesize idea with teammates before starting the project

2. Responsive web design

During the redesign of the About Page, there was a lack of communication regarding my design concepts with our copywriter. After we had both completed our respective tasks, we realized that the extensive text he had written about Verlas and our founder did not align well with the layout I had designed. Had we collaborated and shared our ideas earlier in the process, it could have streamlined our workflow and made the overall process more efficient.

During this project, I initially prioritized the desktop version design. However, the reality is that the majority of users spend significantly more time browsing on their mobile devices compared to desktops. For my next project, I need to adopt a responsive web design approach from the outset to ensure my creations seamlessly adapt and provide optimal experiences across various screen sizes and devices.

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