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Ethan is

A Product Designer + 2 years of design experience in

  • E-Commerce

  • Fintech

  • SaaS

Ethan has


Strategic Problem-Solving ability

  • Comprehensive problem-solving skills enable me to navigate complex design challenges and innovate in ways that meet user expectations and business objectives.

Meticulous Pixel-to-Pixel Design

  • My attention to detail ensures that the design is scalable, looks good on any device, and provides a seamless user experience. 

Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • It ensures that my design aligns with technical capabilities, market demands, and business strategies. This collaboration helps in gathering diverse perspectives and expertise, which can enhance the design process and lead to more innovative and feasible solutions.

Ethan believes      👍🏼

Less is more

  • Simplifying a design can lead to more effective solutions by focusing on core functionalities and removing unnecessary components.

  • Products that are straightforward to use can attract a broader customer base, increasing sales volumes.

  • A minimalist design approach can contribute to product longevity by making the product less susceptible to changes in trends and consumer tastes.

Ethan won't stop   🏃🏻

Embrace and learn revolutionary technology

  • By staying updated with cutting-edge technology, I can enhance my design processes, improve efficiency, and deliver more impactful and modern solutions that meet the evolving needs of users.

Push boundaries of my design capability

  • By pushing the limits of my capabilities, I can discover new talents, refine my technique, and elevate the quality of my work, ensuring that I continue to grow as a designer and stay competitive in the field.

Be critical of my design process

  • Regularly analyzing and critiquing my design process is key to continuous improvement. This means reviewing each project retrospectively to identify what worked well and what didn’t, seeking feedback from peers and users, and being open to constructive criticism.

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